One of the best marketing tools for your next event is to video record your conference, expo, seminar or gathering for maximum exposure. You’ll be able to use the footage for your website, social media applications and on various video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

A highlight video will help you promote similar events in the future. In addition, a recorded video of a seminar, class or conference can be valuable for attendees.

Below are a few tips for your next event and your event videographer.

Determine the objective for your event video. Will you require the videographer to capture the full event or video snippets of the event such as: the speakers, breakout sessions, crowd, exhibitors, food, and entertainment?

Prepare the Pre-event checklist. Make sure you and the videographer have reviewed a pre-event checklist a few days prior to the event. The checklist should include: call time for videographer, parking, dress code, access pass (if required), audio sources, lighting, shot list, program schedule, video footage delivery, etc.

Review the program schedule and shot list. You will need to review with the videographer the overall program schedule and shooting priorities. If you are planning on doing some interviews then you will need to define some suggested times and a list of people to interview. You’ll be responsible for event/talent releases so make sure you have these ready.

Consider your audio options. If you are planning a large event such as a conference or seminar, connecting your event videographer with the facility AV team is always a good idea. The event video production in Phoenix will review audio options with you – such as connecting into the facilities soundboard, using wireless lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, etc.

Manage your lighting expectations. The good news is that the cameras today do a much better job of capturing footage in low light situations. However, if an event is dark with minimal lighting, you event footage will likely be dark or lack in contrast. Certain thing can be done to enhance the footage in post-production, but it is best to manage one’s expectations and work to capture events in good lighting or provide additional lighting when possible.

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