Video production is an essential part of modern marketing, but it’s not always easy to know which type of video to invest in.

There are many different types of professional video production services ranging from simple talking head videos to elaborate animated advertisements, each of which should be produced differently and serve different functions within your marketing campaigns.

No matter what your business, these seven types of video production can elevate your brand, increase traffic to your website, and increase sales by effectively communicating your brand’s message to customers.

1) Commercials

Commercials are usually short with a focus on one specific product or service. They can be as short as 15 seconds and they usually air on TV or online during a commercial break. The idea is that viewers will stop what they’re doing, watch the commercial, remember the message, and buy the product.

2) Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, usually 2-3 minutes long, and explain what a product or service is and how it works. They’re an excellent way to inform potential customers about what you offer without relying on them reading text on a page.

3) Testimonial Videos

One type of video production that businesses can use is testimonial videos. These are very popular because they show current and past clients talking about their positive experiences with the company. This type of video is also beneficial for building trust with potential customers and can help you stand out from your competitors.

4) Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos are an excellent way to show off your company culture and what it is like to work at your company. It can help with retention and make it much easier for you to find the perfect fit for the job. Plus, if done well, a recruitment video could be shared on social media or used as a marketing tool.

5) Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are a creative way to show off your product or service, and video production is particularly helpful for getting potential customers excited about your brand. It can be very informative, as in the case of a how-to video that demonstrates how to use a product, or they can be more lighthearted like an explainer video that makes you laugh so hard you want to buy what’s being sold.

6) Product Demonstration Videos

A product demonstration video is a short and concise video that showcases the features and benefits of your product. This type of video is perfect for demonstrating how your product can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home, at work or outdoors. It’s also important to show the various features and benefits that are unique only to your brand.

7) Training Educational Videos

Training educational videos are an excellent way to educate your customers on how to use your products and services. These videos can be used for both internal and external training purposes. Not only will you be providing useful information, but you’ll also be able to advertise the company’s services or products during the video.


Before you do your research, make sure you know what type of video you want to produce. If you want to build brand awareness and want a short high-quality video, you’re better off hiring a professional video production service. They will be able to produce a quality video in the right format for your style and goals.

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